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      Sand with the development times PubDate£º2010/10/30 ¡¾BACK¡¿

      Sand in our most important areas of application is the cement industry, paving and mining, applications in these two sectors Sand all about 30% of the entire industry. Stable development of China s economy, GDP growth of more than 8%. Cement, and some road infrastructure development will certainly drive the increase in sand making industry, the domestic Sand will have greater prospects for development. Western Development has led to heavy demand on the Sand, with the increasing development of national, large-scale development in Central also about to step into the implementation, which led the sand making industry.

      Shanghai Jian Ye Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has been the deepening of enterprise reform as promoting business innovation and rapid economic development of the major initiatives task. Now developed into a mining machinery in China R & D and export base, build the rule of Shanghai Heavy Machinery s growth, development, innovation and growth is undoubtedly due to the deepening of awareness, but also due to its pragmatic and innovative spirit of enterprise and courage to practice.

      Seize the opportunity, and development times. Business environment and opportunities for success requires the same time, opportunities and more popular in the public health service.

      Shanghai Jian Ye Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a local Heavy equipment, mining machinery leading the development of emerging enterprises, is the starting point of Shanghai high number of key enterprise objectives, one of the high positioning, the main mining crushing machinery, chemical grinding machine and construction manufacturing sand machinery, typical of the traditional industries. The company has been committed to the development of innovative practices, improve quality and builds brands, etc., excellent product quality and perfect service system to the company brought a brilliant performance.

      After years of development with high orientation, proactive, creative, research and development companies continue to accumulate experience, to borrow foreign advanced technology techniques, combined with and analysis of China s mining industry trends continue to develop new products, equipment, the accelerating pace of technological upgrading in China s mine machinery, whether in technology or equipment quality are beginning to emerge. China mining machinery industry in a small number of patented products with independent, one of the project, while China mining machinery industry has played a catalytic role.

      Currently, the rule of Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Shanghai Construction has already formed a crushing machine, milling machine, sand making series of products, vibrating screen, feeder and other equipment, supplemented by the complete product chain, and gradually to the upstream industry development, the formation of a "diversified management system." The company main products: R-mill series including Raymond Mill, High Pressure Suspension Grinder, High Pressure Powder Mill; broken line includes mobile crushing plant, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher , hammer crusher, compound crusher; sand series include: PCL Sand, JYS new Sand, JYT energy efficient Sand (Grinding machine), etc., and vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, sand washing machine , belt conveyor and other equipment

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