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      Third city mortar "is forbidden" PubDate£º2010/10/30 ¡¾BACK¡¿

      In accordance with the June 6, 2007 the Ministry of Commerce and other six departments jointly issued the "Prohibition on the part of the city a deadline to inform the work-site mixing mortar" requirement, from 1 July 2009, the National Changchun, 84 cities have (third) began mortar "cut now."So far, 127 cities nationwide have launched mortar "cut is" work.

      Mortar "cut now" is the bulk cement industry to implement a concrete manifestation of the scientific development concept, is building a major area of development of circular economy initiatives, the development of the construction sector is an important part of building energy efficiency.Especially the third city mortar "cut is" very significant, it can be said is the third city to lay mortar "cut is" the most of this campaign of "front line", if the mortar "cut is" work compared to atrees, "tree", then the third city "is forbidden" is the tree s "roots", do the third installment of the city mortar "cut now" is the work of the entire global mortar, mortar third city"cut is" a bit of work to do, can promote the cause of promoting the steady development of mortar.

      Can imagine in the third city "is forbidden" on this path we will go extremely difficult, we are long way to go, ready-mixed mortar is the advanced stage of development of bulk cement, ready-mixed mortar, but the development of the geographical, the Townserious difference between the east and west, urban and rural work in promoting the use of a great gap between ready-mixed mortar, and these include first, the second installment of the gap between cities and third.And the first and second cities, the third installment of the city "cut is" there appears to be "inherent."It specifically in the following: lack of market orientation.Stimulation in the market, on the one hand they can bring the company actively involved in the production of ready mixed mortar, increase investment in key construction projects, investment funds to purchase the relevant facilities and equipment, ready-mixed mortar for the improvement of logistics system, increase R & D efforts,ready-mixed mortar with a technology-driven development.On the other hand mixed mortar to promote scientific research and development, equipment manufacturing, raw material supply, production, logistics and product applications to form a complete industrial chain and speed up the mix mortar industry has gradually from the market introduction stage of transition to the fast growing pace; IIis the lack of policy support.In the policy support, while competent authorities at all levels to increase the importance of the work force ready-mixed mortar, the mortar work as a key task to promote, implement, fell small place.On the other hand, the policy support, can give full play to special funds "skillfully deflected the question" effect, to point, and ready-mixed mortar with a live work development.Only in the market and policy double promotion, promotion of ready-mixed mortar in order to promote the cause of fast and stable development.

      For the first, second groups of cities, market and policy has been basically complete, but the third batch of cities to promote the work of ready-mixed mortar has just started, all aspects of the problem is not complete and there are many: First, thinking and understanding is not in place; the second ispolicy measures are not clear; Third there wait and see attitude; Fourth, inadequate training market.For the third city "is forbidden", the lack of market, we can take the training, in particular, has invested heavily in the current national situation, good infrastructure, the third installment of the city s ready-mixed mortar market prospect is very broad.Therefore, we can see that the third installment of the city "cut is" more of a need for policy first, the policy is the key.Only policy efforts in place, we can in the promotion of ready-mixed mortar on the road a free hand, high-profile do something to make the promotion of the mortar to a new level.

      First, the policy support to intensify propaganda.

      For the third installment of the city, the ready-mixed mortar is still a new term, we work in the promotion of ready-mixed mortar, the publicity is very important.Only ordinary people and businesses to fully understand the benefits of using ready-mixed mortar to comprehensively promote the development of ready-mixed mortar.

      Second, the policy is conducive to the release of clear objectives at all levels of authorities to implement measures.

      Third city "cut is" work, the competent authorities or the existence of wait and see attitude, policy support is conducive to their specific goals, the avoidance of doubt, the ready-mixed mortar work measures put in place.

      Third, the policy is conducive to the release of authorities to raise awareness at all levels attach great importance to speeding up the development of ready-mixed mortar.

      Third city "cut is" competent authorities at all levels, in particular, need to raise awareness, do solid work, the effective promotion promote the development of ready-mixed mortar.

      Promote the use of ready-mixed mortar is to promote the development trend of the construction industry is to ensure construction quality and effective means to improve the level of civilized construction is an important way of building a "society" of the objective requirements of the third installment of the city "is prohibited"is the most important cause of the development of ready-mixed mortar, we have reason to believe that the national trend of energy saving and the strong support of government policies, ready-mixed mortar business development will usher in its spring.

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