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      The development of green energy saving wall materials using ready-mixed mortar PubDate£º2010/10/30 ¡¾BACK¡¿

      Recently, the green wall of the meeting "green" all over the earth, all over the country and further increase in the development of the green wall. The ready-mixed mortar as a wall material, the natural duty is also very important to develop low-carbon economy, to promote not only the form of green, but also a way of life.

      First proposed the concept of green building materials in 1988 the first international scientific conference materials to "green degrees" show the extent of its contribution to the environment, and pointed out the possibility and feasibility of sustainable development. After 1992, the international academic community clearly the definition of green materials: green material is taken in the raw materials, product manufacture, use or recycling and waste treatment and other aspects of the minimum load on the Earth s environment is conducive to human health and materials, also known as "environmental harmony materials." However, according to the definition, green building materials, ready-mixed mortar, basically all the features available include, not only helps the environment more conducive to people s health and benefits the country as a cause.

      Well known, and other building materials of different ready-mixed mortar as a building material addition to the green, environmental performance, reducing air pollution and dust pollution, there is its use in the construction industry to promote the tremendous energy in the promotion of ready-mixed mortar emission reduction task people pay attention to it gradually, so as a green wall in the ready-mixed mortar building materials to increase the degree of attention as the country, the strong policy support, development of green building materials has become the "vanguard." So how ready-mixed mortar, this "vanguard" to the development of China s green wall it?

      First use of market timing, the market will have power. With the strategic plan of the release of western development, the state of the western building is not only increased investment in infrastructure projects in the development environment has also given a high degree of requirements and standards, development of circular economy, sustainable development strategies, building a resource- and environment-friendly society. Green, green will be accompanied by actions carried out the western development, which increased the building materials for our requirements as an essential building mortar products, ready-mixed mortar used for the implementation of the added touch of the western environment "Green . "Besides, the government approved the revitalization plan for the middle and attention, the future demand for building materials in China will continue to increase, a huge market demand, so the development of ready-mixed mortar, whether because of the demand for energy-saving emission reduction policies, or the market consumption, the outlook will be very substantial.

      Secondly, the use of government-oriented, "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development (2006 ~ 2020)," clearly a process of industrial green theme as important priority, "national" Eleventh Five-Year "Science and Technology Development Planning" will be "Green Manufacturing key technology and equipment "as the national science and technology support plan major projects, these reflecting the state attaches great importance to green manufacturing, but also give incentives for the development of green wall provides some protection. While provinces and municipalities, different areas of the environment, but the National guidelines, policies, and finding out their own, ready-mixed mortar for their own development path is the best to promote the development of green building measures.

      Again with technical support, high-tech, new technology has never been a lack of market recognition. As a new green building materials, the promotion of ready-mixed mortar discouraged because of the price factor, thereby increasing technology, lower product costs as a major future benefit ready-mix mortar outlets, such as the use of fly ash, slag, etc. The waste produced by pre- mortar mix, perhaps with the advances in technology can find a better alternative to reduce production costs, while it improves product performance, use high-quality, lower price advantage to seize market opportunities.

      Finally, outreach, because the state will create a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as a basic national development strategy, energy saving, low-carbon saving as the key tasks for national economic development, the green wall is of the requirements of the times, the state orientation to development, through the campaign to promote bulk cement, active use of ready-mixed concrete, insulation mortar support innovation through the promotion and let people know or even realize that ready-mixed mortar, as the significance of green building materials, and more for building energy-saving, environment improvement a force.


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